A Path To Follow strives to reduce stigma associated with mental health, increase community awareness of the importance of supporting youth mental health and raise money for a local Mental Health Service.

Can you help A Path To Follow reach its goal of raising $10,000?

A Path to Follow is a blog created by Kirstie Edwards, inspired by her experiences with mental health, both personally and professionally.

Kirstie experienced depression as a young person and then again as a new parent. She says of her experiences:
‘My journey mirrors thousands of others. It includes stories of immense support, of immense love and encouragement to get better. But also of battles against stereotypes – those about depression, about medications, about what people living with mental illness can actually achieve, feel and experience in life.’ (For more information see the Post  About A Path To Follow’s Founder https://apathtofollow.wordpress.com/2013/07/14/about-a-path-to-follows-founder/

Kirstie works for a local community health service, managing a team of professionals in mental health services for children, youth and families.

Kirstie has been outspoken and candid about her own journey. She would like to see a world where there is no stigma associated with mental health illnesses. She would like to see a world that prioritises pervention and early intervention for youth mental health.

In 2010 Kirstie held a celebration fundraising event to thank those around her for their support in her recovery from depression. With the support of family and friends $1000 was raised for SANE Australia.
Since that event, Kirstie has focused her passion to create change on youth mental health. This was borne from Kirstie’s personal desire to ensure her boys and others like them, with a predisposition to mental illness, will grow up as part of a community where professional and personal support is readily available.
In 2013 Kirstie plans to raise awareness of youth mental health issues and to raise $10,000 for the Early in Life Mental Health Services (ELMHS) at Monash Health. ELMHS is a place where young people who are experiencing emotional, behavioural or mental health problems can get help. The key fundraising activity will be a ‘Heal thru Art’ exhibition and art auction and this will be supported by other, smaller activities: bookstalls, movie fundraiser, Grill’d voting, fundraising cans.

In August 2012 Kirstie started this blog and a created a Facebook page www.facebook.com/APathToFollow to:
• share her mental health journey
• raise awareness of youth mental health
• provide information and resources for maintaining mental wellbeing
• promote the services of the ELMHS
• support her fundraising activities
• document her fundraising journey.

A Path To Follow is always welcoming of any support people are able to offer. From Artists to Sponsors, from framers to raffle donators, from media support to word of mouth, from hands on the ground to virtual hands over the internet; please email Kirstie at apathtofollowers@hotmail.com if you are keen to offer your support.


14 thoughts on “About

  1. Love your honesty Kirstie ,we hope this project goes well for you and i will take great pride in watching you doing what you love to work at.

  2. When people talk about their struggles and success in life, it awakenss others to be understand the complexities of us all. Thank you for sharing your very personal story with such openess and honesty.

    • Hi Kirstie, I was really moved and inspired by your story and bavery. I will follow this journey with great interest. Thankyou for sharing it with me.

  3. A very touching story Kirstie. A story which rings true to many of us. It’s great that you can write about your experience and use the positives to inspire others, just like me.

    • Patty. Awesome of you to read my blog. I hope it was ok for a person your age. If you have any questions, email me. I will try and put a few more items on that are for our Youth. Thanks Dude.

  4. Kirstie, what an inspiring blog you have created. Sharing your personal journey is so powerful and gives strength to many. I have seen many around me suffer especially in the corporate world where such talk is often taboo, god knows why when we openly talk about all other illnesses!! Big support from me, and look forward to your next fundraising campaign in 2013. You have been such a supporter of BigFatSmile and we look forward to supporting your new ventures.

  5. Well done Kirstie, such an important and overlooked issue which has an impact both directly and indirectly on so many people. Hope your blog and the rest of the work you are doing helps make loads of people much more aware of this illness!

  6. Kirstie I am inspired by your story and your recovery. Later this week marks two years since we lost my brother due to depression. I will follow your blog and fundraising efforts and if there is an opportunity to help you, if you’re open to it, I’d like to do that. Lets chat further.

  7. I salute you KIRST XX
    so sorry to hear of your struggles….glad your on the mend””
    love your cause…I am hear to help in any way i can XXX love you

  8. Very inspiring best wishes with your cause, there are so many that for some reason or other than do not have support, the strength, to cope it all becomes too hard. The pressures of life today doesn’t help and it starts from an early age, where kids are labelled as having this or that and then we wonder why they are withdrawn, hope this makes sense as to what I am tring to say. It is people like yourself who have had experience in this complexed field and know exactly how to relate and help others, with positive thinking and support. X

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