Will’s a good egg…

With pride our boys reported what their school mate had done; they thought it was a bit funny (it's an egg on the head of politician after all) and they were more than a little bit in awe of Will's courage to stand up and be counted after the violent attack in NZ and the... Continue Reading →

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Don’t avoid conversation about suicide

“Current Australian data indicate that suicide is, by far, the leading cause of death for young men, with male suicide accounting for 24.4% of all deaths of young people aged 15–24 years” It’s easy to stay silent in the tragedy and chaos of Suicide, particularly youth suicide; especially when it touches so close to home. Two of... Continue Reading →

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Our Son’s Journey into Mental Health Abyss

While I await the impossible blend of words to provide the relief I so need, to untangle the torsion of my mind & to rationally advocate to the mental health commission & services related to our inadequate service provision for our son's mental challenges; both inside the hospital system & its sub acute partners, time... Continue Reading →

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The Mentor Program Pilot Evaluation

Evaluation Summary The Mentor Program aimed to pilot an “opt in” mentor model where the Ormond Junior Football Club would be supported to train, retain and, in the long term, attract new members to the club by implementing a mentoring model that supports young people in orienting to the world of coaching. It was initially... Continue Reading →

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