Don’t avoid conversation about suicide

“Current Australian data indicate that suicide is, by far, the leading cause of death for young men, with male suicide accounting for 24.4% of all deaths of young people aged 15–24 years” It’s easy to stay silent in the tragedy and chaos of Suicide, particularly youth suicide; especially when it touches so close to home. Two of... Continue Reading →

Our Son’s Journey into Mental Health Abyss

While I await the impossible blend of words to provide the relief I so need, to untangle the torsion of my mind & to rationally advocate to the mental health commission & services related to our inadequate service provision for our son's mental challenges; both inside the hospital system & its sub acute partners, time... Continue Reading →

Learning to live without medication

Hey APTFs, It's been ages and I apologise for that. I have been having a long, well earned break from the formalities of A Path To Follow, since the exhibition. I have also been traveling my own path and thought I would share it, mostly because I know we live in a world of juxtapositions... Continue Reading →

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