Support A Path To Follow

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 Help to build A PATH for our youth TO FOLLOW

There are multiple ways to support APTF and we are appreciative of any support you can offer:

  • Financial Support would assist in multiple ways:  Recognition gifts for our volunteer mentors, payment for one on one mentoring activities, social media related marketing, training of mentors, suicide prevention events, mentoring celebrations
  • Guest Blog Writers who can contribute well-being related resources for our young people and their families
  • Volunteer Mentors willing to support young people in one to one partnerships
  • Volunteer Helpers for one off events we are planning to run, such as mentor training, mentor celebrations, suicide prevention events.
  • Website Maintenance and/or Social Media maintenance to continue to raise awareness of our important work
  • Evaluation of this program is really important and we are seeking someone to assist in evaluating our processes and impacts with the aim of publishing our work and using this to source funding.


2 thoughts on “Support A Path To Follow

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  1. Today I read

    There is a significant flaw in people from the “fish bowl” coming to the city, at least in a parochial one horse ideology like Adelaide. There is zero respite, if you are continually placed in social housing where the euphemistic local “community”, has connections with the “fish bowl” and the system is stone deaf to it.

    Its happened to me 3 times.

    My recovery has been advancing by withdrawing. I am setting about building a future in what at times feels like a circling of sharks, whose definition of inclusion is conformity.

    1. Hi Trevor, thanks for your comment. I guess I haven’t approved to be published yet, because I am not exactly sure what you mean. Perhaps it’s the SA refs I am missing or more?

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