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 Help to build A PATH for our youth TO FOLLOW

Raising mental health awareness and funds for Early in Life Mental Health Services

People, especially our youth, requiring professional support for mental health conditions, should be able to receive world class care close to home.

‘A Path to Follow’ has successfully planned and facilitated various events, all to raise funds for the Early in Life Mental Health Service (ELMHS) at  Monash Health. These events include book stalls, a movie viewing and the major fundraiser, Inside Your Head Exhibition. ELMHS is a place where young people who are experiencing emotional, behavioural or mental health problems can get help. This program is crucial in supporting our future generations’ mental health, especially as mental illness’ prevalence is increasing in our younger population.

The blog is now also a resource for the public on wellbeing, particularly pertaining to the wellbeing of our youth within their relationship settings.

A Path To Follow has so far raised a grand total of just under $9,000, ever so close to the goal of $10,000. This money is being used to set and equip a specialist sensory space for the young people who use ELMHS.

Although the major funsdraising is now over, I have decided to continue selling our beautiful cards, the design of which was generously created and donated by Miranda Costa of McDrawn. To order please use instructions on the attached link.  All other donations can be made on my fundraising page.

You can visit my fundraising page at


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