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A Path To Follow’s first Sponsorship money will enable the framing of some art work donated for the “Heal Thru Art” exhibition.

Thank you Rob and Michelle Fairlie of Future Financial.


The Reagan Milstein Foundation  

The Reagan Milstein Foundation

to its Sponsors and Supporters Page.

A huge thank you to Reagan’s dad, Kevin, for his continuing support of A Path to Follow.  Please check out Reagan’s story and his family’s devotion to Reagan’s memory by visiting the website.

“Reagan was returning from living his dream – attending the FIFA 2010 World Cup in South Africa with his father – when he suffered a tragic accident while scuba diving in Malaysia on the way home to Australia. Despite weeks of intensive care, Reagan never regained consciousness and passed away on 22nd July, 2010.

His loss has left an enormous hole in all our lives. While Reagan’s family and friends struggle to come to terms with life without Reagan, it is the grief in the wider community and their love of this gentle, compassionate young man that helped us decide that we should harness this emotion and try to make a difference to the lives of others on Reagan’s behalf.
There is no greater honour that we can bestow on the memory of our beautiful Reagan, than to help others in his name.
We thank you for allowing us to bring this dream to fruition.”

Reagan at SA World Cup 2010

A Path to Follow

says thank you to

Merryl from Merryl Mosaics

Merryl has donated her art easels on the day of the “heal thru art” exhibition to enable A Path to Follow to show the art of our Youth, who live with varied experiences of Mental Health. Merryl has also offered her consultation regarding the community piece to be created on the day of the exhibition.

Thank you Merryl

Big Fat Smile
I welcome Big Fat Smile to A Path to Follow’s Supporters Page. Not only have they supported A Path to Follow from the beginning, they have now organised contributions of Art for the Heal thru Art Exhibition and have begun directly supporting Early In Life Mental Health Services with donations of goods for the inpatient’s children.
Amazing. Thank you BFS!!!!
Supporting families in our community; always with a smile!
At Big Fat Smile we work with community agencies to support families who need a hand.
Who we are
Big Fat Smile was established by Angela Di Iorio and Kelly Rafferty in January 2012. We both saw the fact that many new parents (particularly within our network of friends and colleagues) would receive many items of clothing and toys, some of which are only used or worn a few times and are then either discarded or re-sold. We saw an opportunity to distribute these items for free to tho…se in our community in need.What we do
We collect these items from generous people like you, we bag them by age and sex and we then work with agencies in the community who distribute them. We bag the donations into packs which are then distributed. Each pack contains a selection of clothes, a toy and importantly, a book.How you can help
If you are able to, or know of anyone who can, we would love to receive donations of quality goods that are primarily targeted at the 0-5 age group. These goods can be new or used, and can consist of clothing, toys and books. All we ask is that the items are in good condition and are clean. We also ask that clothes have been laundered.

How to contact us

Via Facebook!/bigfatsmile1/info or email us –

Nichole from Maybury Ink designed both A Path to Follow's amazing logo and tagline.

Nichole from Maybury ink was kind enough to provide A Path to Follow with its very own Logo and Tagline. I do not have ANY clue when it comes to design, colours or matching them to what it is A Path to Follow represents. Nichole listened to my ideas, caught the essence of my portrayed meaning and came up with what I think is a wonderful logo and tagline to represent this very important work.

Nichole at Maybury ink captures peoples’ wonderful memories in Life Stories and designs innovative logos. Make sure you check out her website for more information.

A Path to Follow thanks you Nichole.

Nichole captures memories in beautifully creative ways

Nichole designs creative and innovative logos.



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