Mentor Program Sub-Committee Application

The Mentor Program Sub-Committee is a working group of Ormond Junior Football Club Committee and an initiative of A Path To Follow. It is being set up to ensure a positive, well-structured and effective mentor program is operationalised at Ormond Junior Football Club for season 2019.

An initial pilot of The Mentor Program was conducted in 2018, with great initial results and some clear directions set for success in 2019. The Mentor Program at Ormond Junior Football club matches Ormond Junior/Senior Football Club members, with a desire to learning coaching, with Senior Mentors/Coaches. Throughout the season, junior mentors are mentored by their senior mentors; in coaching and in life.

For more information see:

It is envisaged that the sub-committee members will meet monthly (or as required) and will take on various roles within the 12 Month Action Plan. Areas of the action plan for 2019 include:

*branding and marketing

*Mentor Manual finalisation and review


*mentor recruitment & matching

*training support for junior and senior mentors

*website maintenance

*Social Media


*Pilot management of individual mentoring partnerships (started in 2018)

*Administration/finance support (agendas, minutes, banking)

Expression of interest from the following people are encouraged:

*Ormond Junior Football Club Parents (including Auskick and Fairgo footy)

*Ormond Junior Football Club Players (11 years & above)

*Ormond Senior Club Players

*Interested local community members

*Other SMJFL Club committee members (to test fit for their club)

If this sounds like something you can commit to, please fill the following form and Kirstie Edwards (The Mentor Program Lead) will be in contact with you.

The first sub-committee meeting will be held at the end of January 19, where a Terms of Reference will be set and Action Plan approved.

If you require further information or want to personally discuss your potential role in the sub-committee, please contact Kirstie at or 0475 345 310

Would love your feedback, leave a post.

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