APTF’s latest news…


The APTF and Ormond JFC Mentor Program finishes its launch season…

Our new Mentor Vests

A lot has happened in the last 18 months…

While I am not going to write about the details now; suffice to say our family has faced the realness of mental health challenges & death by suicide.

I want others, like our family, to be prepared…Prevention & early intervention is the key!

Because of that I have just completed our pilot of The Mentor Program to keep young people connected to their community via sport! This program aims to see young people supported as they journey the maze of adolescence.

To see a short video of our accomplishments visit the FB page (select “play on Facebook”):




Our Junior Mentors for Auskick this season


To continue our program we require $$ to do so.  To help us attain this, please vote for us below.  You need to vote for 3 projects in this region, so I can also suggest the following projects under our link.

The Mentor Program


Suicide; It’s time we talked


Good Morning Service


Community Connections


The final event is to increase community capacity to talk about suicide; Suicide; Why talking about it won’t kill you.  After losing two young lives to death by suicide, from one class, within 12 months and watching our son grapple to want to stay, I think my reasons for this event are clear.

Below is a link to my latest FB post about the event and the website information.


Like the FB page to keep up to date with current events while I get the time and person power to get a website & blog up to date.

Are you local and want to join our team?  Private message me…

Would love your feedback, leave a post.

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