Last chance to contribute to the new ELMHS Sensory Room

A Path To Follow’s card for sale

A PatDSC_0581DSC_0584

Ward Caspers of Bayswater Kwik Kopy, who kindly donated an initial set of these cards for the ehxibition, has now provided me with a box to sell. This is the last fundraising effort in contributing to Early In Life Mental Health Services to develop their very first Sensory Space for their youth in treatment.  If you haven’t been able to support in any other way, this is your chance. Perhaps you know of someone else who wanted to contribute and could pass this on to them also. I am so thankful for your ongoing support.

Custom designed and donated by Miranda Costa (McDrawn), this blank card represents exactly what APTF asked Miranda to design; the complexities of mental illness.

“When creating this piece I wanted to explore life in its full. The conflict we often feel, the confusion, the dark worry but at the same time the uplifting moments with wonderful joyous colour.  The hibiscus in this painting represents a being, a soul, not yet in full bloom; one whose external layers are tightly bound, protective, but delicate to the surrounds. The lines represent the decisions and situations life brings, the ups the downs, the sadness and the joy. The paths all cross and neither start or end. The hibiscus, the soul, lives amongst this, sometimes situations are burdens and sometimes they bring a wonderful comfort and shelter.”

1 Pack of 10 with envelopes       $15 (excluding postage)

To order:

please email

message me via               

phone/text 0478 310 145

Payment Methods:  Cash /Direct Deposit 


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