A Path To Follow’s (APTF) very own Card.

I wanted a card that depicted the potentially complex journey of mental illness with winds, peaks and troughs without it being so dark that people would not want to have it or give it to anyone.  I put this request out to many different artists and Miranda Costa of McDrawn, was the only one who took up the offer. Kudos to you Miranda!  This card represents perfectly the complexities of mental illness. Read below for insight into Miranda’s thought process in designing the card. McDrawn Card

“When creating this piece I wanted to explore life in its full. The conflict we often feel, the confusion, the dark worry but at the same time the uplifting moments with wonderful joyous colour.  The hibiscus in this painting represents a being, a soul, not yet in full bloom; one whose external layers are tightly bound, protective, but delicate to the surrounds. The lines represent the decisions and situations life brings, the ups the downs, the sadness and the joy. The paths all cross and neither start or end. The hibiscus, the soul, lives amongst this, sometimes situations are burdens and sometimes they bring a wonderful comfort and shelter.”


I want this card to be an ongoing support mechanism A Path To Follow beyond the art exhibition and other events that will come and go. If you know of any businesses, services or organisations that you think would be interested in hosting and selling these packs, please get them to contact me.  If you want to buy some for yourself or as a present (cheaper than buying cards individually and great to have in the cupboard), then please see below.

1 Pack of 10 with envelopes        $20 (happy to negotiate price for larger order lots)

(excluding postage, but will deliver free in local melbourne area)

To order please email  or phone/text 0478 310 145

Payment Methods:  Cash /Direct Deposit.


Would love your feedback, leave a post.

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