Inside Your Head-An Amazing Afternoon

This blog post may be my and A Path To Follow’s swan song, I have not yet decided. Either way, I want to give you a thorough round-up of the event and achievements surrounding Inside Your Head.

It’s hard to know exactly what, or how much, to include, but here goes…

Why: To raise awareness around the importance of mental health, to create a positive mental health pathway for our future generations and to raise money for a SENSORY TREATMENT SPACE for Early In Life Mental Health Services.


TOTAL ACHIEVED (so far)- $8908.75

Inside Your Head total was $5,642.40.  This total includes the art sold, money tins and raffle on the day.

Everyday Hero Website total is currently sitting at $3,266.35

This website was set up for people to make donations for Early In Mental Health Services via A Path To Follow if they weren’t able to contribute via the numerous fundraising activities I hosted. This website will remain open until July 2014 for donations. Please feel free to share this link or contribute this way if you haven’t been able to donate thus far, but would like to.

Where:  The Breslin Gallery. It’s most certainly an understatement to sayAnthony setting up the exhibition that Anthony, his generosity, love of art and desire to support a worthy cause, was most definitely a telling factor in seeing the exhibition come to fruition.

I believe I saw a fleeting look of concern on Anthony’s face when presented with the modest number of beautiful (but smallish) art work we had to create an exhibition with. I was at the gallery most of the day, learning more about art then I have ever in my life, helping to take down the old art and “bump in” the new, but it was a slow process and I had to leave to collect a child. An hour and one school pick up later, Anthony, with a little help of his gallery manager, Jason, had set up the wonderful artistic journey of Inside Your Head that many of you got to witness first hand.  

What: The Art –The afternoon showcased some remarkable artwork, from a mix of artists, who all united to support A Path To Follow and Early In Life Mental Health Services. I would like to make special mention of Kaitlin Tooth, the brave young person and artist who allowed her self-portrait to be the face of Inside Your Head. It seems only fitting that her piece was purchased by Murrumbeena Community Bank to hang pride of place in their Community Hub. I would also like to acknowledge the other artists currently living with Mental Health Conditions who contributed to the exhibition.

Kaiti Self portrait-v1

Community Art Piece – A wonderful activity flocked to by children and adults alike.Getting people talking about mental illness and expanding our mental health literacy is important to me and the recognition of mental illness. This Community Art Piece was a great way to contribute to this goal. One lucky member of the Oakleigh Rotary Club won this piece. Again, a fitting winner, with Rotary throwing me a last minute life line with a financial contribution. Jann from Smart Art was generous enough to organise everything for this activity and run it along with the lovely Amy and Rowena.DSC_6799


Raffle– What an amazing trooper my niece, Amelia was, selling all those raffle tickets. Amazing work! The number of raffle items available are a credit to all those people who supported the exhibition via donation of raffle items: Black salt Cafe, Aqua Star Swim School, Sharon Clark from Copeland Therapy Clinic, Bunnings Warehouse, Benn’s Books, Di Parmar from Recycled By Di, Reagan Milstein Foundation. Thank you. We had some very appreciative and happy winners.

soccer kit massage and pamper 2 Arts & Craft donation





A card to make, a number of snakes to guess- An amazing job was done by my boys, their cousins and friends to run the stamp card activity and snake guessing competition. Thanks boys!







DSC_6828A Song With A Message– Can I first tell you that Georgia is the daughter of a friend who I was told could sing? Had I ever met Georgia? No. Had I ever heard her sing? Absolutely not! Georgia said to me, ” I can sing it, I might not hit every note, but most”. All I cared about was that a young person was brave enough to stand up and sing a message that I could never have! Can I tell you that Marcus was a ring in at last moment because the arranged guitarist had encountered an emergency? He was! I have listened to ‘Read All About It’ by Emile Sandez over 1000 times. Not once in doing so, did I experience the goose bumps invade my skin or the lump in my throat as I did when Georgia sang my message and Marcus played it. Unfortunately, at this stage I don’t have the footage of the song. When I do it will posted on Facebook. A very compelling reason to like A Path To Follow’s Facebook if you haven’t already.

Who:Exhibition Volunteers– I’ve already mentioned my niece, but I also want to express thanks to my other nephews and nieces who readily offered their assistance when sought and completed tasks without fuss on the day. Thanks also to our neighbours and those mates of Ben and Kyle, who were ready and willing to help out. Thanks to my Silent Bidding recorders; friends and sister-in-laws working well amongst the crowd, my ATM helpers (as I have NO idea) and Steve, MC magic man! It was a tough crowd, with many in number and voice to entertain and quieten. I think he did wonderfully.

Exhibition Attendees-I was totally under prepared and humbled by the number of people who attended the exhibition opening and remainder of the exhibition. I thank you if you attended and am hopeful that you enjoyed the experience and took away at least one story, one positive message about mental health.


Sponsors and Supporters- I cannot name each Supporter here, but am hopeful that I will get to each of you personally in appreciation for your chapter in this story. Without each of you and your support, my journey would have included many more trap doors and wrong turns.

I will mention my main woman, Nichole Maybury of Maybury Ink. She is incredible and I feel blessed to have had her by my side since A Path To Follow’s inception and to have formed what I hope will be a life long friendship. Nichole was responsible for ALL communication, design and majority of the marketing you see of A Path To Follow and Inside Your Head. Nichole did this all in her spare time, of which she has very little. Thanks, N.

I also want to acknowledge Rotary Club of Oakleigh for their last minute financial contribution and Murrumbeena Community Bank for their support. As you can see, there are few bigger names who have been willing to support my venture and I appreciate that you took the risk and chose to.

Cathie, good mate and master framer of The Local Framing Studio, for donating her time to frame many of the art works and long time friend, Ward Caspers of Kwik Kopy for completing all of the exhibition printing. Thank you. Miranda of McDrawn, who kindly designed and donated A Path To Follow’s own card. Orders for these cards are now being taken for a limited time and the money raised will also go directly to the overall total that will create the Sensory Treatment Space for ELMHS consumers.

McDrawn Card Promotional flyer


The Artists-Each and every one of them amazing in providing art so personal, and entrusting me to be the keeper and seller of that. Thank you.

Family- For allowing and encouraging me to follow my passion. I thank you for being A Path To Follow’s everyday inspiration.

A Path To Followers (YOU)- It has been, at times, incredibly confronting and daunting to write this blog, to publicise this journey. Without your encouragement and recognition, I would not have achieved what I did. Thanks, APTFs.

To view the photos of Inside Your Head, please go to the following link:

Many thanks to Danielle, Kaitlin and Candy for capturing the day for me.

Thank you everyone. I would really like to hear your feedback about A Path To Follow, the exhibition, the blog, the Facebook page… Anything and everything related. You can leave such feedback by comment on this blog, at the Facebook Page or via emailing

This blog is the single certainty to continue, so any feedback or ideas of what you would like to see me post on, would be most appreciated.

Don’t forget to sign up to this blog before you leave!

Thanks for taking this journey with me.

Kirstie Edwards




One thought on “Inside Your Head-An Amazing Afternoon

  1. Kirstie
    You have truly done such a wonderful job in putting this all together.
    Thank you for allowing the young people we work with to be a part of this exhibition.
    It really means so much to them
    I look forward to seeing the footage of the Read all About it song

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