Tis the time to be jolly…

DSC_0309As I left work today, my body beginning to fill with the excitement of seeing our boys’ joyful faces tomorrow, I looked back at the hospital behind me. Through those doors exists a centre where many people living with cancer are treated . To them, Christmas is a mere distraction to what exists beyond tomorrow; the day after and an eternity after that.

As I headed toward my car and looked at the empty car park before me, my excitement died and a trepidation and loneliness filled my body, thinking about all those who may have finished work early today to go home to no-one or nothing pleasant.

The whole world changes for some (read me) leading up to christmas; a craziness envelops our world and often sucks up our regular calmness with it. Tonight I breathe a sigh of relief knowing tomorrow brings with it, an end to this push and pull world of present buying, the crazy routines of catch up with people we don’t even know and allows a sense quietness to spread; a state that only ever exists outside the month of December.

Stay safe A Path To Followers and remember that if you too find this time difficult, the bonus is that January is only around the corner, hopefully holding its hand will be loads of Vitamin D via our sunshine, and a calm that survives this silly season and spreads its wings throughout the entire month.

May you cherish what you get and remember those who don’t.




2 thoughts on “Tis the time to be jolly…

  1. You’re such a beautiful writer K. Hope you have a lovely day tomorrow with you’re boys and get spoilt!
    Merry Christmas lovely. 🙂

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