Sharing It Around

Today’s post is about three utube clips that were shared with me about issues that are close to my heart: Marginalisation and bullying and gender differences in images of self.

Check them out, share them with your family and friends; they will make you smile, laugh, reflect and perhaps even shed a tear.

The unexpected realisation I have had out of viewing these clips is the enormity of untapped resources people hold who haven’t been discovered by society yet. The people who have participated, written and produced this ART have used their amazing potential to communicate really important messages to our society. Whether serious in their distribution of the message or making use of comedy, all contribute to healthy messages of MENTALWELL HEALTH.

If you have a talent, A Path To Followers, make sure you share it. Feel free to use A Path To Follow to do so.



It gets better

The website of recorded stories depicting life getting better

The U Tube clip of Australian Comedians sharing their stories of life getting better.

Dove Real Beauty Sketches

Foresenic Sketches of Women as described by women


Forensic Sketches of Men as described by men


Enjoy and have a happy weekend A Path To Followers.


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