A Path To Follow confirms Art Exhibition at Local Gallery-The Breslin Gallery

I wish to formally announce that A Path To Follow’s Art Exhibition and Auction will be held in YOUTH WEEK APRIL 2014! I am even more pleased to announce that it will be held at The Breslin Gallery, a Carnegie gallery, founded by a man, who built it from ground up and in the spirit of exhibiting great iconic art and engaging those groups who experience more vulnerability in their lives than others in art as a process.  I give you the most recent examples of the Breslin Gallery hosting a Yoralla Art Group and leading the Totem Project at Westall Secondary School. Now, Anthony Breslin, founder and artist, is choosing to support A Path To Follow’s dream and helping it to become a reality.
Read Anthony’s philosophy of The Breslin Gallery below and be sure to pop by there, look at the amazing exhibits and experience the great coffee.  It is a welcoming and comfortable space, which is aesthetically intriguing and beautiful.

To find out more or to get involved with the Exhibition, please email:  apathtofollowers@hotmail.com

The Breslin Gallery Logo 1


Back in late 2009 I decided to take on the challenge of registering myself as an owner builder because I wanted to build within this beautiful building my own home and studio gallery.

My best friend & his family took the other half to build their dream home.

I loved the building because of its simplistic beauty and I had a special connection with it as I was brought up in the area and attended the Kindergarten that was next door before it was demolished in 2012 to make way for the current child minding centre.

As I began the process of developing this building my vision for the space expanded and I decided to build a unique “Arts Hub” complete with a café.
I wanted this hub to be a creative, welcoming home for both locals and those from afar.
I wanted to re build and design the church my own way, but I also wanted to restore and re use many of the original fittings in the building.
I also decided to restore and reuse allot of the fittings in the magnificent 1930’s hall that was next door to this church before it was demolished in 2011.

I did this because I wanted to preserve some of the local history for both the people who were part of it and those who did not know it.
And now in 2013 after more than 3 years of so many challenges including a heart (nearly breaking) fire the building is now open and ready to continue its ever- evolving passage through time.

So please look around, u will see lots of original lights, plaster roof panels, doors, memorial plaques, & even the old bluestone building block (in the garden) all these and more have been restored & saved from this building and the old hall.
I also collect antiques and many of these are now part of the eclectic, aesthetic of the gallery.
These amazing objects contain so many silent stories that we will never know,
however we are able to feel their soul within this buildings new collective energy.
Regarding the future let me say this….

 The Breslin Gallery will serve healthy, fantastic, food & drinks, exhibit an eclectic array of inspiring, professionally run exhibitions, (which will include some of Australia’s most iconic & legendary artists) & offer many varied courses & classes in all things creative for ALL ages and tastes.
The gallery will also host workshops, talks, events, happenings & Private functions and will actively support marginalized groups & charities.

I wish to thank all those who through past tough and bright times offered me incredible backing and love.
The doors here are open to all for the building would be lonely without you

Thank You
Anthony Breslin.

Anthony Breslin

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