Artist and Fundraising Update

Hi Everyone,

This week’s blog is a progress update on Artists, their artwork and fundraising.  It’s been a pretty exciting month with strangers knocking me off my feet with their generosity; some are willingly donating their work, others their time to support A Path To Follow. I thank them and I thank the loyal barrackers who have loaned their regular support of A Path To Follow from the start.


Huge thank you to Nichole Maybury from Maybury Ink. Nichole has willingly donated her time and services from the very conception of A Path To Follow; a communications strategy, no problem. A general promotional flyer, no problem. A bookmark, no problem. Without Nichole, A Path To Follow would not be. (FULLSTOP) Thanks N  xxxx


A huge thank you to my sister, Michelle and her husband, Robert, for becoming A Path To Follow’s first (and only) official Sponsor. Because of that money I have been able to pay for some printing of marketing material and frame one artist’s painting. If anyone knows of any other potential sponsor, please send them my way.  The amount can be as small as you like and be an in kind donation of services, etc.


Extremely excited to welcome Sam Michelle to A Path To Follow’s Artists. Sam is New Zealand born, but has lived in Australia for 12 years now and is local artist from Berwick, who paints wonderful images of women in the most beautiful oil colour shades. Amazing. One of Sam’s paintings will definitely adorn my new retreat area.

Amy Wallis, another art contributor, has sent me some pictorial progress that I am very excited to share. Amy is “going to join together” the accompanying images” to make a thin long (portrait direction) hanging piece” as part of her art direction.  I just love Amy’s work and you might just find a bidding war with me for her work at the exhibition. Take a sneak peek at Amy’s Seven Coloured Days in progress.

Amyprogress4 Amyprogress2 Amyprogress1








Miranda of McDrawn is a designer by day and an escaper of design projects at night. She does amazing sketches of the world around her and has agreed to assist with some sketches around mental health promotion and A Path To Follow. You should really check out her work, I am sure you will get as much pleasure out of it, as I do.

I have also had some YOUTH join our list of donators and that is wonderful.
Firstly a huge thank you to Olivia Theofanis, who is the artist responsible for the below work. Olivia is a budding young artist who had a short film exhibited in Top Designs, 2012 titled Telescope and who is at ease with the creative world of the camera. Olivia is donating a special piece for the exhibition and has given permission for A Path To Follow to screen her award-winning short film.
        A Still from the Film, Telescope                                            Olivia T                                                                                                                                       Another piece of work by Olivia
Lastly, I am pleased to welcome two youth artists, who have had direct service with Early In Life Mental Health Services. Their worker, Rachel, has seen the potential of A Path To Follow and their work and thinks this is a great match. When I get some jpegs of their works I will place photos on Facebook (so, if you’re not signed up to Facie A Path To Follow, go ahead )


So far, we are at $1,355 thanks to the Samson and Delilah Clothing sale, the Auskick and Facebook sales and individual generosity of individuals and families.

I will also be hosting another book sale at Monash Health on September 25th. Any helpers on the day would be warmly welcomed.

Please feel free to share A Path To Follow’s fundraising page.

Wow, that was a long one, but I think I have included all the important stuff (apologies if I didn’t and missed you). Lastly, thank you to each of you, my 246 A Path To Followers. Without you I would have definitely given up this path by now. Your responses, your feedback, your sharing, your “Likes” keep me pushing forward and help me to remember that I am, despite the struggles, setting a good path for my boys to follow.  Thank You.
Feel free to send this link to others to join the journey.   You can subscribe by clicking on the link down on the right hand side.

Would love your feedback, leave a post.

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