About A Path To Follow’s founder

Melbourne, Australia

I am an avid advocate for mental health. This passion was born and shaped by my own personal experience. Becoming a mum changed my whole being. It began my journey in treating my mental ill-health, a condition that in retrospect, I had experienced symptoms of for the majority of my childhood and adolescence.

Parenthood saw me battle what is often medical in its need for treatment but so under recognised as a medical condition.  Depression took me to the depths of despair; away from my small boys and ever understanding husband.  It replaced the confident, extroverted person with a shell; a person who waited and watched while my husband and family raised my children and took care of my home. It had me consume medication I had only heard others negatively refer to. It forced me and some of those around me to let go of previous misconceptions around depression; it’s recognition as a valid condition, the need to treat it both medically and psychologically and IMG_1113the reality of the impacts on those closest to you.

I am here today, first and foremost, because of my determination to get better and to not to be pigeonholed or stereotyped. I am also here because of my loving husband, who became primary carer to our children in many dark times, who held one of my hands all the while still lovingly holding our children solely in his other.

I have been outspoken about my journey. I believe that people with mental health illnesses should be able to speak as freely about their conditions as those who live with other medical conditions.  I also believe those people living with mental illness conditions should be afforded the very same professional and personal support as those who experience more readily recognised medical conditions. I believe our children require preparation, protection and support in the future.

Driven by my own mental health journey, by my knowledge that my children are genetically predisposed to experience some type of mental ill-health and by my real passion to increase the recognition and support of those who experience mental illness, I have set up this blog.

In 2010 I held a fundraising night for SANE Australia with family and friends and we raised over $1000.  In 2013 I am planning another fundraiser to support an often under funded hospital program for the mental wellbeing of our young people.  In this space I will be documenting my fundraising planning and activities, in addition to posting on links and stories that support my goal.

I am really grateful that you have read my blog thus far.  I am only one person, so I hope that you can support me by continuing to check back in regularly, sharing my blog with others and posting genuine comments.

Thanks for your support and helping me to set up a path for our children and future generations to follow.



2 thoughts on “About A Path To Follow’s founder

  1. HiKirstie i admire your courage ,and I know you will be a great role model for all children .You will win this battle ,so proud of your work .Mumx

  2. Courageous words Kirsty from a strong and passionate woman. Well done. We all have crosses to bear and you should be so proud of what you have achieved so far and for the messages and support that you are achieving for this cause. Like your mum said, you are an amazing role model for children and adults alike. Keep strong and healthy xx

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