It’s got me again! Has it got you? Seasons…

This week’s Wellbeing blog was scheduled to include resources for families. I have decided instead to make this blog a little more personal.  With the onslaught of winter and all its triggers for various psychological symptoms I have decided it’s time to bare the soul (again).

The last few weeks have seen my seasonal demons raise their ugly heads. I thought I was going to have my first winter without them, but I guess they figured they’d be lonely without me… (I should qualify for those people freaking out thinking I have winter delusions, these demons are merely metaphorical in this case-lucky me I say, genuinely).

Conversing with a young, beautiful lady; pregnant with her second and plagued with anxiety and hearing of a young, young 13-year-old, lost in her world of anger, I decided ENOUGH is ENOUGH.  For your children’s sake; for society’s sake: Start your stance for MENTAL WELL HEALTH!!!

When you experience an illness that is recognised as a valid medical condition, people can unashamedly share their stories and symptoms. It allows one to derive some sort of comfort or measure of their place in the world around them. It allows them to know that they are on (or not) the common path to recovery.

In the Mental Illness world, where people are largely too scared/guilt ridden/stigmatised to share their stories, finding comfort in the shared symptoms of others is, at best, riddled with a sense of weakness, at best, a necessary sharing to stop a downward spiral.

Tonight, I give you my world for free. Ignore it, laugh at it, share it, converse about it. Do what you need to do with it!! At the end of the day, it is all publicity for MENTAL HEALTH. And ultimately, that is what we need: conversation, empathy, lived experienced, respect, support. You have no idea of where it could go, what it could achieve, the acceptance it might create.  It might be the making of your child, or someone else’s.

I give you paranoia, I give you hypersensitivity and hyper vigilance. I give you resentment (for not being me), I give you respect (for your support-yep I have a small circle).  I give you frustration (I’m tired of pleading for support) and I give you exhaustion (really, when does it stop?). Most of all, because I know you have read until now, I pass you the baton.

Please share this! Please don’t thank your blessings it’s not you and then ignore. Please, show your support. Pass this blog and fundraising ideas on. I need as much support as I can get.



One thought on “It’s got me again! Has it got you? Seasons…

  1. You have done such amazing work already! And yes fundraising and support is sooooo hard! Just the sharing of your blog and your work has already helped so many open their minds and hearts. You are doing amazing and sometimes thankless work. But when you make a shift in just one person it is worth it. And you have done this for many. We will keep sharing and supporting as mental health touches so many. To you I am grateful.

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