The Art Works to be auctioned begin to take shape…

This beautiful piece is donated by Melinda Pile will be exhibited in Gauge Cafe from August 2013.

Melinda is a local artist and parent from Caulfield South, who has kindly chosen to donate because she agreed that Youth mental health “is a vital cause and one I feel privileged to support”.

See more of Melinda’s beautiful artwork at

.Melinda pile


Elsasser Progress photo

To the right is a progress shot of Paul Elsasser’s Art work. Paul is a family friend and local artist, who paints in his “spare time”. Paul has willingly given up his time  to customise a piece for the A Path To Follow Art Exhibition. I can’t wait to see the finished result!  You can see more of Paul’s artwork and learn more about this artistic journey at


Below is one of four pieces donated by Sylvia Fullalove (how good is that name?). Sylvia has chosen to support A Path To Follow because she has several  family members who have suffered and suffer still today with mental health problems. Her “Father spent his last days in a facility” as her “Mother, bless her heart could no longer provide the daily care” her “Father needed.

More from Sylvia: “More money is not available for the necessary funds for research, treatment, and care. Grateful thanks go to willing people like the people connected with  who work away tirelessly raising funds. Funds that should be provided for by our so called caring government. I applaud them and willingly support such a group”.





A Path To Follow is extremely grateful for these beautiful donations.

Thank You


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