A Path To Follow in the running for $5,000-help get us there

Dear A Path to Follow’s Dedicated Followers,

I have submitted A Path to Follow’s Dream to SUN SUPER DREAMS to be in the running for $5,000.

If you believe in my dream and want to support my journey with A Path to Follow, please VOTE and share the below link with as many people as possible. Share it on your blog, facebook pages, websites, you get the picture…

$5,000 would mean SOOOOOOOOOOO much to ELMHS (Early In Life Mental Health Services).  It will set up my ‘Heal thru Art’ exhibition later in the year and go towards the overall fundraising goal I have of $10,000.You can check it out and help make it come true by voting for it here: http://bit.ly/10MWb2Q   Don’t delay because it finishes at the end of the month and are currently 5th.

The dream with the most votes at the end of the month will be awarded a $5,000 grant.Don’t forget, if you want to follow A Path to Follow, you can add your email address to the blog and you will receive notifications of my updates via email.



Would love your feedback, leave a post.

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