Just a little ART noise for you…

Today I met with Jann Daly, artist and former Art teacher of Reagan Milstein. Jann really made ‘Heal thru ART’ exhibition feel attainable, realistic and exiciting.

See below for the  ART NOISE Jann created for me this morning.  SOOoooo EXCITING.

THANK YOU JANN!! Thank you Kevin Milstein for connecting us! 

Community Art Piece


Exhibition guests’ Words


Fairy Floss Sticks

                                                                                                        PLUS Paint

                                                                                                        PLUS Stencils

= 2 Art Pieces. 1 to be auctioned and 1 to be given to a lucky guest.




Jann’s brother, Greg is a ceramicist, and is a potential to donate to ‘Heal thru ART’.

Wanted: exhibitors of different art mediums: sculpture, glass, poetry, prose, music

Barry Dickins -Could we be lucky enough to have Barry open the Exhibition? Playright, author and artist who walked the Depression and Anxiety Path

Melinda Pile (a mum of Caulfield South P.S and amazing artist) is our most recent addition to the A Path To Follow Artists. You must check out samples of her work at the below link.  Phenomenal!!


Fundraising Cards

Do you, your children or someone you know use Art to nurture wellbeing? I would love to feature that Artwork at ‘Heal thru ART’ and/or on some fundraising cards.  Contact me via blog or facebook if you are interested.  Note Well:  Masterpieces are not required. See the piece by our youngest, drawn to deal with his fear of fire over summer.









http://smartartactivities.tumblr.com/    -Jann’s afterschool Art Program

http://reaganmilsteinfoundation.com/main/  -Reagan Milstein Foundation-an ongoing support

http://www.gregdaly.com.au/home.html  -Greg Daly  Ceramacist

http://www.austlit.edu.au/austlit/page/OLD?id=A(dH&idtype=oldid -Barry Dickins

http://www.melindapile.com/  -Melinda Pile  Scientist and Artist


Would love your feedback, leave a post.

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