Positive Parenting and Self Esteem encouraged with Sleep Talk For Kids


Tanya at TLC Natural Health Works is excited about being able to provide Positive Parenting Programs as part of her suite of services.  

Tanya’s Natural Health Works is answering the current demands of our community by offering

Sleep Talk for Kids


Currently we are seeing an increased number of parents and children choosing to foster their development as a family via engagement with professional services.

Applauded by Professionals and Families alike, “Sleep Talk™ is proving to be an invaluable aid for families and therapists in improving family attitudes and intimacy. The program is easily and unobtrusively implemented and can be readily adapted to suit all children and family contexts”.  Dr. Janet Hall. Psychologist    ‘I can’t quite put my finger on it, but the children are calmer, happier and seem to play so much better together’.

Rachel, Ormond.
For a more information on the Sleep Talk For Kids Programs, see below and be sure to visit Tanya’s two websites.  For families with children aged up to pre adolscence, these are programs offer support for great emotional growth.


Essential Support Program
The Essential Support Program involves three consultations with the parent/s, over three months (approximately 4 weeks apart).
The Essential Support Program is preferred by parents, as having a consultant to offer you guidance and support throughout the process not only helps to keep you motivated and on track but also enables you to effectively monitor your child’s progress. A consultant also provides parents with some strategies to help them cope in what are often stressful times.
  • Ongoing support tailored to your child and family needs
  • Parent support materials to take home
  • Follow up phone support and guidance for parents
Number of sessions: 3
Initial Consultation  75 – 90 mins
Sessions 2 & 3:        60 – 75 mins
Getting Started Program   
The Getting Started Program involves just one consultation designed to discuss and identify the individual needs of your child, outline how the process of Sleep Talk™ works and provide you with all that you need to get started with the Sleep Talk™ process.
The Getting Started Program can be a good option for those parents who feel confident and sufficiently self-motivated using the process every day without additional support or monitoring of their child’s progress. Parents have the option of additional sessions further down the track if they wish to reassess or address specific issues.
  • Parent support materials to take home
Number of sessions: 1
Consultation:  90 – 105 mins
Additional sessions
Consultation:  60-75 mins

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