Cyber Bullying: Let’s fight it together

Let's Fight it together - video still showing boy at computer

This week I returned to website I wrote a previous blog on    Cybersmart logo (

This time I watched a short clip on Cyber Bullying aimed at teenagers. I then watched the clip again with my 11 and 12 year sons.

Although I would express caution at having children this age view this clip alone, I think that it is entirely appropriate for children to watch this with a parent or carer. It could be quite confronting for a child who has experienced some form of bullying, but handled adequately by a parent, could create great discussion and strategy conception.

I also perused a few template Agreement for Families in regard to the use of technology.  Although each of the examples at the below link are usable in their original form, I have chosen to use parts from each form and customise one for our family. I look forward to each family member (adults and children alike) reviewing their use of technology in our home.

Acceptable Use Agreement for Families


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