GLEN EIRA PARENTING SEMINARS-Influence of media and technology

Glen Eira holds some fantastic Parenting Sessions.  

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Wednesday 01 May 2013

Sharon Witt will present this session for parents and guardians of young children.

One of the greatest challenges facing families and young children in the 21st century is the increasing influence of media and technology. This session provides an overview of the impact of some of these technologies and provides key strategies for parents on how to minimise risk and monitor the use and influence of media in children’s lives.

Sharon Witt is an author, educator and regular media commentator on parenting and educational issues. She is a regular contributor on Channel 7’s Sunrise program. She is the author of the bestselling Teen Talk series of books. Sharon is passionate about equipping educators and parents in understanding key issues affecting our young people and providing practical strategies for helping them make positive choices.

Places are limited. Registration and payment must be received prior to the session.

No refunds or exchanges. Book online or contact Council’s Service Centre on 9524 3333″



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