A Path to Follow Urges You to Support the Mental Health of Our Youth










A Path to Follow is Raising Money for Early In Life Mental Health Service and Awareness about Youth and their experiences in Mental Health. 

Without your support I will not be able to carry this initiative through.  (I AM DOING THIS ON MY OWN. I AM NOT PART OF A LARGER TEAM OR SERVICE).  Please see below for how to lend your support. EVERY offer of assistance has been and will be appreciated.


All Funds raised will go to projects identified by Early In Life Mental Health Services staff and clients:

1. The redevelopment of the waiting area into a youth friendly space eg a revamp and provision of pinball machine etc.

2. The development of a Sensory room in the Youth Unit


Second Hand Book Sale

Art Exhibition


Activities will take place in September and October 2013.


Artists:  donate work and/or time

Business:  Sponsorship/Fundraising Cans/Exhibit Work

Supporters:  Help me spread the word to all of your family,friends,colleagues and contacts/donate time to book sale or exhibition. Email them, share my facebook page, urge them to join my Blog mailing list.

For specific information on how to support OR to provide ideas/advice, inbox me at https://www.facebook.com/APathToFollow?ref=hl

or email me at kirstie.edwards@optusnet.com.au


Would love your feedback, leave a post.

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