Helping our Littles be CYBERSMART

I have focused a lot on the teenager age group in my posts up until now.  With a 6, 11 and 12-year-old at home, I have found it’s very important to communicate, guide and enforce and re-enforce the different expectations we have of them in their movement around the big wide world web.

This morning I sat down and played Cybersafe’s “The Circus”   ( game where they take our young ones on a tour of the wide world web safely. The Circus is made up of different islands, each of which has a game attached to it. The games included education on: passwords and who to trust with their password,  what and to who they can communicate details about themselves to, appropriate websites to enter.

I like this game for our littles and will be going through it with my 6-year-old this Easter. It uses this fun little creature, who reads out the instructions in a timely manner, to guide you through all the games.  At the end there is even a bonus the kids can unlock…

I would recommend this game for 3-7 year olds.  It is largely a game they can guide themselves through, but at times also demands the attention of an adult, by making them put in a password, etc.  I like this, it reminds us as parents we do need to be checking in.

The website is for all ages and I will report back on resources on the older children at a later date.






4 thoughts on “Helping our Littles be CYBERSMART

  1. Thanks for sharing. Even though I have a 3 year old – never to early to start. Am so concerned and conscious of cyber safety.

  2. Thanks for sharing this. I went on there today with my 7 yr old son and he really enjoyed it. It’s a good resource for this age group…

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