Supporting Our Youth

In the attached video link Beyond Blue provides us (both as parents and as KIDS) with a great insight into what Youth Workers do. Please share this with your children and others as appropriate. You will see that Youth Workers are there for the PREVENTATIVE and EARLY INTERVENTION work that our society needs to engage more in. The other facet of Youth Work is that they can often start working with children as young as 10 years, so please don’t wait too long if your children need to chat with someone. You usually contact your local Youth Services through your Local Government.
From Beyondblue Facebook Page

Stressing out, feeling down, getting depressed or anxious – these are common experiences for young people. Rather than ignore these feelings and hope they go away, young people are encouraged to seek help. But how?In this video, beyondblue looks at what it’s like to get help from a youth worker. Who are youth workers? Where do they work and what do they do? How can they help you?




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