Meeting with Early In Life Mental Health Services (ELMHS) Staff

This is an acrylic on canvas mural painted by the participants of the Pakenham morning AAAC. It depicts a man in a red shirt walking with a dog in a park in autumn.

Image From Arts Access, Victoria

On Monday I had my first meeting with ELMHS staff, Chris and Beth. Both received my ideas with enthusiasm and appreciation. Chris specifically noted that ANY funding for their programs would be an added boost to their services, that otherwise might not occur.  Both ladies were excited at the $200 plus already donated via Band Of Beer Brothers and the fundraising can at Gauge Cafe, not to mention how excited they were with the potential of receiving my goal of eventually raising $10,000. Chris held a list of products they are needing, with their new Y PARC facility as just one example, that they were otherwise going to forgo or have to approach other sources to assist.

The official fundraiser:  HEAL THRU ART, will now be held in October 2013 to cooincide with Mental Health Week and ELMHS’s annual Art Expo.  What is really exciting about this is that the exhibition will show/sell entries from current consumers of ELMHS and contain input from their Youth Consultative Committee.

Thanks to everyone for your continued support. I know official details have been few and far between until now and dates have changed which can be frustrating I know.  I guess that’s what you get when you are liaising with a huge service system.  It’s fitting in a way, as it reflects how ELHMS must feel when mental health constantly gets overlooked in the funding priorities for health.


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