A Poem Of Mine

 Christmas: a time of celebration, joy, kids’ excitement, pressure to buy, organise, see people, be happy, drink, relax, pretend to be in the spirit. Not always an easy time for people who live with (even very well managed) mental illness. I hope you survived and I understand if you did it tough. I know I did leading up to what was finally two wonderful days. Now it’s over… and we begin again.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Mental Illness and Me

It’s way too easy to become victim;

the pressures of Christmas, of being a wife, a mum, being a member of the unemployed, 

being mental…

Contradictions in illness, normalcy.

I am experiencing life, friendships, family, my children, yours

without the usual guise of medication

to barrier my pain, hide my ugliness, explain my contradictions.

I experience

the sights, the exclusions, the paranoia, missed friendships, pms.

You get me whole now (but still put together wrong), without the ribbons and bows of prescriptions.

Welcome to my world


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